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Review: Die Trying by Lee Child

Die Trying

Lee Child

Die Trying by Lee Child
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Die Trying by Lee Child


Its official I am now addicted to Jack Reacher and his adventures and can’t wait to read them all in the order that Lee Child meant them to be read. Jack Reacher is the very essence of what a super hero should be, enigmatic, intelligent, courageous, and sensitive! And like Lee Child’s tagline for him “Men Want To Be Him, Women Want to Be with Him” I should be so lucky!

What is the story about?
A Chicago Street in bright sunshine. Jack Reacher, strolling nowhere. An attractive young woman, struggling on crutches. Naturally he stops to offer her a steadying arm. And then he turns around to see a handgun aimed straight at his stomach.
Locked in a dark, stifling van racing across America, chained to the woman, Reacher needs to know why he’s there. The kidnappers are saying nothing. The woman claims to be an FBI agent. She’s tough enough to be one. But at their remote destination, will raw courage and cunning be enough to overcome the hopeless odds?

Hey! I think Jack Reacher is a real man’s man and I absolutely would not want to upset him in any way “Die Trying” is a story full of action and tension with a powerfully thought out plot, as you would expect from the creator of fiction’s most exciting action hero, Lee Child has for me done it again and produced a rollicking good read.
This book keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through, by means of several twists and turns in the tale, you can really empathize for Jack Reacher as he attempts to comprehend just what’s going on and escape from the dilemmas he finds himself in, I specifically like the way he is shown to have flaws when he we find out he has a dread small spaces.

The concept of the champion who conquers evil and rescues the girl may well sound a hackneyed and passé, except that Lee Child’s approach is one hundred per cent brilliance.

I urge you to read this story from a thrilling story-weaver and if you haven’t read any of Lee Child’s books before now is the time to start, why?
Because pretty soon Hollywood is going to get hold of them and when that happens you just might find these books rising in their purchase price.

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