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Review: Nothing To Fear by Karen Rose

Nothing To Fear
Nothing To Fear by Karen Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nothing to Fear by Karen Rose

Well, when I was told that the books by Karen Rose were Romantic Suspense stories I thought “No Way” these are pure murder-mystery with a lot of suspense and some romance that sometimes borders on pornographic.
Anyhow it doesn’t matter because they are Attention-Grabbing, Scary, and Downright Gripping; Karen Rose is a stylish story-weaver.

As director of an inner-city woman’s shelter, Dana Dupinsky safeguards many secrets. Some are new identities; some are new addresses; and some are even hidden truths about herself. Passionately dedicated to Hanover House and the women she protects, Dana has always been reluctant to look for love. But now, just as a case puts her and a child in mortal danger, it seems that love has come looking for her.
Security expert Ethan Buchanan learned to stalk men in the Afghan desert. Now he vows to track down the ruthless woman who kidnapped his godson—and falling for Dana is not in the plan. Yet her very presence seems to chase away the ghosts that haunt him, and her skilful evasion of personal questions raises his hunting instincts. For there’s a deadly new secret at Hanover House. A brutal killer is weaving a web of revenge with a stolen boy at its centre. And Dana is the next victim on the list.

I found that this at the start was a complex story; the central characters of Dana Dupinsky who has at the beginning a secretive personal history and who manages a woman’s shelter, as well as Ethan Buchanan an ex-marine, now a security expert are equally well thought out characters, but not without their faults.
The other characters offer a balance to the central characters and the narrative furthermore as we have seen these characters before in almost all the other stories from Karen Rose which I find a brilliant story-weavers strategy because

we learn a little more of each of the main characters in these books if you go to the website you can see just how each of Karen’s characters are connected to each other the website is “The World of Karen Rose” just see how Karen’s books relate to each other.
The psychotic killer is in truth rather chilling and also all too realistic; and at around chapter 6, I found myself speeding along, up until then I was merely reading at a slow pace, as I said earlier the beginning seemed a bit convoluted, at this point however the story really gets going with some surprising twists and turns.

It gets 4 stars from me it’s well worth reading, although it may bring about a few nights of wondering if you have locked all your doors!

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Review: Count to Ten by Karen Rose

Count to Ten
Count to Ten by Karen Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, when I was told that the books by Karen Rose were Romantic Suspense stories I thought “No Way” these are pure murder-mystery with a lot of suspense anyhow it doesn’t matter because they are Attention-Grabbing, Scary and Downright Gripping, Karen Rose is a stylish teller of tales.
I have not as is usual for me read them all in sequence, it does not spoil it as such but as there are characters in the books that make appearances in all the books it is better to read them in order, I found myself reading some for a second time just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything or anyone.
“Count to Ten”, In all his years in the Chicago Fire Department, Lieutenant Reed Solliday has never experienced anything like this recent outbreak of house fires—devastating, vicious, and, in one case, homicidal. He has another problem—his new partner, Detective Mia Mitchell. She’s brash, bossy, and taking the case in a direction he never imagined. Mia’s instincts tell her the arsonist is making this personal. And as the infernos become more deadly, one look at the victim’s tortured faces convinces her and Reed that they must work closer to catch the killer. With each new blaze, the villain ups the ante, setting firetraps for the people Reed and Mia love. The truth is almost too hot to handle: This monster’s desire for death and destruction is unquenchable…and for Mia he’s started the countdown to an early grave.
This book had the ideal blend of crime, thriller, romance, but not the mushy romance this was almost pornographic at times. There is a good background narrative to cause you to feel tenderness for the villain just as much as you want to kill him yourself.
Even with insightful parts to the plot Karen Rose doesn’t go economical and give squalid details just to embellish, She places the precise words in the correct places without causing you feel awkward but, she keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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