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A Review of Angels of Apocalypse, Part I: Alignment by J. J Harkin

Format:    Kindle

ASIN:        B005ZXRO10

My rating:     4 stars

Angels of Apocalypse - Part 1 Alignment, J.J. HarkinAngels of Apocalypse, Alignment

Authors/Publishers Book Description/Synopsis

Apocalypse visits most dimensions at some point or other; it can rarely be avoided. In one particular universe – parallel to ours and not too far away – the last apocalypse has only just concluded. It is a similar enough world, though perhaps a more blessed place. Their dark time lasted only a year – a “light apocalypse,” as some are now calling it. Herein all is recounted: the last records of the parallel world that was, and the tale of its development into the ever-changing permutation of today. Readers can look forward to watching the gaps between universes evaporate in surprising ways, as the once-secret lives of angels effortlessly connect the dots between dimensions. In Angels of Apocalypse, Part I: Alignment, we learn how and why the first battle lines were drawn in the age-ending conflict of Parallel Earth, and witness the forces, which drew the members of two distinct groups toward opposite ends of the globe, hastily preparing for war.
It all began when Den Ulrik came into possession of a mysterious island in the South Pacific. Never could he have guessed that his curiosities concerning alternative energies might somehow be connected with the dawning of a new age, or that a lost friend would soon be visiting from beyond the grave in any capacity. But when an offended girlfriend eventually learns of his exploits, the resultant contest of wills goes sideways fast, and Den is unexpectedly forced to make hard choices. Meanwhile, as far stranger – and initially seemingly unrelated – mysteries unfold concurrently in the Middle East, reports of unexplained deaths, kidnappings, and disappearances increase there by the day. War was imminent; it was all anyone could agree on. Amid the tumult of those days arises the Mahdi, bearing an unexpected message of peace, and the revelation of a devilish mastermind. Lines are drawn as the powers of darkness spread, only to be crossed with indecent quickness. This, the first volume of the Angels of Apocalypse trilogy, begins the tale of that last, dark year of fabled difficulties, setting the scene for a most eventful and profitable catastrophe.

What Do I Think?

I like the genres of Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Paranormal, this new weaver of tales is at ease in all of them and the first of what will be a trilogy of well-woven tales is intricate and fascinating.
The commencement of this story has a hook that grabs you straight away just like a good story should, but you don’t really understand that you are about to take a journey into the great unknown and then before you know it the sci-fi fundamentals kick in and I was hooked again this time by the mystical actions.
I liked the hypothesis of someone making use of technology to utilize the religious beliefs of diverse peoples to cause the end of the world. J. J. Harkin is an original story-weaver and weaves a story in his own imitable style.
With this first of the “Angels of Apocalypse” he skilfully weaves, an intricate story with a cast of characters that are so well developed you, feel that this whole story has been in his thoughts for a long time.
I found that the most interesting things about “Angels of Apocalypse” are just how he reveals in minute side tales who, what and how his characters are involved; he gives you little insights into just how this tale would be seen as a film, in my mind anyway.
In conclusion, J. J. Harkin has created something unique with “Angels of Apocalypse” and I can’t wait to read the second tale in this trilogy.
Buy it for 77p on Amazon it’s just too good a bargain and a brilliant read to pass up the chance.

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A Review of Thirst

Thirst Thirst by Claire Farrell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

10 FEBRUARY 2012

Authors/Publishers Book Description/Synopsis

Ava Delaney calls herself a hybrid – a living, breathing human who happens to have vampire poison running through her veins. The only thing greater than her thirst for human blood is her capacity for guilt. She does her best to avoid the human world, for everyone’s sake.
When Ava accidentally enslaves a human while saving him from a vampire, she realises she has to look for help setting him free. Despite her misgivings, she expands her world but finds herself dragged into a possible vampire civil war. With the help of some new friends with ambiguous loyalties, she tries to find a way to keep her human, and herself, alive.
At approx. 45,000 words, Thirst is the first in a series of paranormal novellas.

What Do I Think?

A Great story from a great story-weaver and it was a free download from Amazon.co.uk (get it now free) what more could you want?

I finished reading this within hours of starting it, as you all know I am a fan of vampire and fantasy novels and this was unerringly what I have been looking for. The whole story had reminiscences of Blade and True Blood (Sookie Stackhouse) except it was not the same a kind of marriage between the two but somehow enhanced.

The plot keeps you enthralled and in suspense, at first I was doubtful because it was a free download plus I have never heard of Claire Farrell however the synopsis made it look interesting and what was the harm it was free, you see this is one of the reasons I like the Kindle you can get samples, free downloads and then if you like what you read you can easily download more it’s so easy.
Anyway with this story I found that I truly couldn’t put it down, I truly enjoyed the story line and the mystery surrounding the central characters, I have already downloaded the others to see where the author takes us next and at £1.92 and £1.91 you can’t really go wrong by doing so.

If you enjoy “The Vampire Diaries” by L. J. Smith, “Twilight”, by Stephanie Meyer and “The Sookie Stackhouse Stories” by Charlaine Harris then you should enjoy these well woven stories by Claire Farrell.

What more can I say in Claire Farrell we have discovered a new weaver of the fantasy/paranormal story, she has developed or is developing many characters in this book I will only mention the main cast so as not to spoil thing for you.

There is of course Ava Delaney who has vampire poison running through her veins, has a thirst for blood so she endeavours to absent herself from the world and spend as little time with humans and super naturals as is possible, I like her attitude.

Carl is just a run of the mill human he was yanked literally into his position as a result of a slip-up Ava made, I can’t in truth say much about him seen has is personality isn’t really shown till the end.

Peter exterminates supernatural beings and he sort of helps Ava and Carl with their predicament His character is very bewildering.

Eddie is enigmatic chap and he’s not even really human he helps them except also requires stuff in return, he becomes irate without difficulty if truth be told I am not fond of him, but I suspect we will almost certainly will be seeing more of him in the series.

In conclusion this book is a skilfully woven story it’s an easy short read to tempt you into the world created by Claire Farrell and I have a feeling that this world is going to become very popular and don’t forget you can get this book for free if you download it from Amazon for your kindle.

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