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A Review of Hell’s Corner

Hell's Corner
Hell’s Corner by David Baldacci
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Review of Hell’s Corner by David Baldacci
Review by: John H Glen
Date; 28 May 2012
Format: Paperback
ASIN: 0230706169
Publisher: Macmillan
My rating: 4 stars

Authors/Publishers Book Description/Synopsis

On the night of the State Dinner honouring the British Prime Minister, Oliver Stone witnesses an explosion as the motorcade leaves the White House. A bomb has been detonated in what looks like a terrorist plot directed at the President and the Prime Minister. In the aftermath, British MI5 agent Mary Chapman, an experienced, lethal operative with an agenda of her own, is sent to assist and coordinate the investigation alongside American authorities. Stone, together with Harry Finn, Alex Ford and the rest of the Camel Club, is drawn into the inquiry. But everything is not what it seems, and what happened in the park may not have been the actual plan. It seems the mysterious attackers had another target in their sights, and it’s up to the Camel Club to stop them, or face the catastrophic results.

What Do I Think?

I like the books of David Baldacci he is a superb story-weaver and one of the most naturally gifted writers in the action thriller, crime genres.

I initially read one of his books when in hospital in 1996 it also just happened to be his first one “Absolute Power” and I thought it was outstanding and I wasn’t the only one because the following year it was, Absolute Power (1997), starring Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman, since then I have endeavoured to read everything he has and will write, although it appears that I might have missed some.

Of all of David Baldacci’s series, the Camel Club stories are my favourites, this rag-tag gang of amateur detectives and conspiracy theory nuts have developed over the course of a series of five novels into quite the distinct and gifted crew of crime-busters.
With their so called unfeeling and righteous ex-government assassin

Oliver Stone as their leader they don’t half get themselves into some tight spots.
With “Hell’s Corner”, David Baldacci has woven another pleasing thriller, fast, action packed and exciting.
The characters are all fully developed, and the squabbling, the fidelity, and friendly joking is perfect for a well grounded team.
As predictable for the Camel Club series, constancy and camaraderie are a large part of the story as they unite to help each other and get to the bottom of the crime / mystery under discussion.
Baldacci’s gift for fast paced stories remains utterly integral to my enjoyment and each time I start a book I say to myself just 3 chapters and then its bedtime and wouldn’t you know it I end almost finishing the book.

This master weaver of good fast paced action thrillers always puts in a few interesting twists and lovely reveals that can keep you guessing for a very, very long time about what is truly happening.

To conclude, I can truly say that I enjoyed reading “Hell’s Corner” it has all the hallmarks of a great story woven by a great story weaver, you just can’t go wrong with an outing with David Baldacci.

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A Review of Edge by Jeffery Deaver

Edge by Jeffery Deaver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Authors/Publishers Book Description/Synopsis

When Washington D.C. police detective Ryan Kessler is targeted by Henry Loving, he and his family are immediately put under government protection. Loving is a ruthless ‘lifter’, hired to extract information from his victims, and he will use whatever means necessary including kidnapping, torturing or killing their family.
Assigned to the Kessler’s is protection officer Corte: uncompromising, relentlessly devoted to protecting those in his care and a brilliant game strategist. He also knows just how brutal the lifter can be – six years earlier, Loving killed someone close to him.
As tension increases between the families, the situation escalates into a deadly contest between protector and lifter as each tries to outwit the other. And as the lifter closes in on his prey, Corte must decide whether to protect his charges, or expose them to a killer in the name of personal revenge . . .

What Do I Think?

In this book from Jeffery Deaver you will find twists and turns which will have you burning the candle at both ends until you finish this wonderfully woven story.
This faultless tale will fill you with delight as well as welcoming you to see in your mind’s eye the fantastic imagery from this story-weaver as his hero Corte and the baddy Henry Loving play cat and mouse games with each other
The plot is fascinating as the two central characters are as two chess grand-masters moving their pieces in a world-class match, some of the twists and moves are easy to spot but others are nigh on impossible to see.
This is a fast paced story with an intenseness that gets your heart racing and as the plot slowly unfolds you find yourself turning each page to find that there is yet another gripping page and this continues to the very end.
This is my first outing with this story-weaver and I can’t recommend this book highly enough and can’t wait to read more from him.

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A Review of Back with a Vengeance by C. J Carver

Back with Vengeance
Back with Vengeance by C. J. Carver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Authors/Publishers Book Description/Synopsis

Page-turning action with female sleuth Captain Jay McCaulay – When Jay McCaulay wakes up, drugged, in a strange hotel room; she knows things can only get worse. She’s in Moscow, and she has no idea how she got there. Memory shot to pieces, Jay returns to the UK to find her beloved uncle Duncan missing. Soon Jay is entangled in a web of lies and betrayals that stretches from Newbury Racecourse to Siberia.

What Do I Think?

This story starts with a genuine hook; Captain Jay McCauley awakes in a hotel room feeling dreadful. Staggering to the window, she opens the curtains and realises she is in Moscow, but she cannot remember how she got there. When she contacts the hotel desk she discovers that she has lost five days of her life.

This story from a much switched on story-weaver is an extreme adventure, an honest thriller of classic design. I just could not put this book down and look forward to reading more from C. J Carver this story really deserves a 4 stars, very highly recommended.

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A Review of Tripwire (A Jack Reacher Story) by Lee Child

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Its official I am now addicted to Jack Reacher and his adventures and can’t wait to read them all in the order that Lee Child meant them to be read.

Jack Reacher is the very essence of what a super hero should be, enigmatic, intelligent, courageous, and sensitive! And like Lee Child’s tagline for him “Men Want To Be Him, Women Want to Be with Him” I should be so lucky!

The books of Lee Child are more of the books my wife Maureen chose for me to read the first one being “Gone Tomorrow” and the second one was “Killing Floor” so once again a series I have started out of order but I do not think it really matters as Lee Child is a great story teller and will always write a darn good yarn, but I have put my list in order and asked that if I can’t get out to the library Maureen gets these books in order if possible.

Book Description/Synopsis

The third Jack Reacher adventure finds the ex-military policeman living in Key West, digging pools by day and working as a bouncer by night. After three months in the islands, Reacher is settling in to his relaxed lifestyle and thinking of staying for good. But his idyll is interrupted when he is approached twice in one day for information on one Jack Reacher, first by an amiable private investigator named Costello, then by a pair of hulking thugs hot on Costello’s trail. Reacher sidesteps their questions by denying his identity, but is drawn into matters after Costello is found dead, the victim of a savage beating apparently administered by the two thugs.

What Do I Think?

Yeah I am now in sync with this 3rd book by master story-weaver Lee Child and I loved it 5 stars all the way!

This story is unreservedly gripping, with loads of twists and turns to solve, the baddie is an outstandingly menacing character, and there are more than enough less important characters to keep you busy trying to solve the crime/crimes.

Jack Reacher goes on with getting himself in and out of trouble with some panache; I found the story a nail-biting fast-moving book, incredibly difficult to stop reading even to making a cup of tea.

The main villain is perhaps the best villain that Lee Child and Jack Reacher have come across so far in these stories he is without doubt a really malicious man which Lee Child has given an excellent background story, and I believe that like me you just can’t wait for him to be exposed and for Jack Reacher to give him a slap or two!

Tripwire is a superbly written story by a master story-weaver and it is always awfully hard to divine just what happens next, I promise that this book will keep guessing from the very beginning.

I urge you to read this story from an awesome story-weaver and if you haven’t read any of Lee Child’s books yet now is the time to start.

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Review: Nothing To Fear by Karen Rose

Nothing To Fear
Nothing To Fear by Karen Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nothing to Fear by Karen Rose

Well, when I was told that the books by Karen Rose were Romantic Suspense stories I thought “No Way” these are pure murder-mystery with a lot of suspense and some romance that sometimes borders on pornographic.
Anyhow it doesn’t matter because they are Attention-Grabbing, Scary, and Downright Gripping; Karen Rose is a stylish story-weaver.

As director of an inner-city woman’s shelter, Dana Dupinsky safeguards many secrets. Some are new identities; some are new addresses; and some are even hidden truths about herself. Passionately dedicated to Hanover House and the women she protects, Dana has always been reluctant to look for love. But now, just as a case puts her and a child in mortal danger, it seems that love has come looking for her.
Security expert Ethan Buchanan learned to stalk men in the Afghan desert. Now he vows to track down the ruthless woman who kidnapped his godson—and falling for Dana is not in the plan. Yet her very presence seems to chase away the ghosts that haunt him, and her skilful evasion of personal questions raises his hunting instincts. For there’s a deadly new secret at Hanover House. A brutal killer is weaving a web of revenge with a stolen boy at its centre. And Dana is the next victim on the list.

I found that this at the start was a complex story; the central characters of Dana Dupinsky who has at the beginning a secretive personal history and who manages a woman’s shelter, as well as Ethan Buchanan an ex-marine, now a security expert are equally well thought out characters, but not without their faults.
The other characters offer a balance to the central characters and the narrative furthermore as we have seen these characters before in almost all the other stories from Karen Rose which I find a brilliant story-weavers strategy because

we learn a little more of each of the main characters in these books if you go to the website you can see just how each of Karen’s characters are connected to each other the website is “The World of Karen Rose” just see how Karen’s books relate to each other.
The psychotic killer is in truth rather chilling and also all too realistic; and at around chapter 6, I found myself speeding along, up until then I was merely reading at a slow pace, as I said earlier the beginning seemed a bit convoluted, at this point however the story really gets going with some surprising twists and turns.

It gets 4 stars from me it’s well worth reading, although it may bring about a few nights of wondering if you have locked all your doors!

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