A Review of Tripwire (A Jack Reacher Story) by Lee Child

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Its official I am now addicted to Jack Reacher and his adventures and can’t wait to read them all in the order that Lee Child meant them to be read.

Jack Reacher is the very essence of what a super hero should be, enigmatic, intelligent, courageous, and sensitive! And like Lee Child’s tagline for him “Men Want To Be Him, Women Want to Be with Him” I should be so lucky!

The books of Lee Child are more of the books my wife Maureen chose for me to read the first one being “Gone Tomorrow” and the second one was “Killing Floor” so once again a series I have started out of order but I do not think it really matters as Lee Child is a great story teller and will always write a darn good yarn, but I have put my list in order and asked that if I can’t get out to the library Maureen gets these books in order if possible.

Book Description/Synopsis

The third Jack Reacher adventure finds the ex-military policeman living in Key West, digging pools by day and working as a bouncer by night. After three months in the islands, Reacher is settling in to his relaxed lifestyle and thinking of staying for good. But his idyll is interrupted when he is approached twice in one day for information on one Jack Reacher, first by an amiable private investigator named Costello, then by a pair of hulking thugs hot on Costello’s trail. Reacher sidesteps their questions by denying his identity, but is drawn into matters after Costello is found dead, the victim of a savage beating apparently administered by the two thugs.

What Do I Think?

Yeah I am now in sync with this 3rd book by master story-weaver Lee Child and I loved it 5 stars all the way!

This story is unreservedly gripping, with loads of twists and turns to solve, the baddie is an outstandingly menacing character, and there are more than enough less important characters to keep you busy trying to solve the crime/crimes.

Jack Reacher goes on with getting himself in and out of trouble with some panache; I found the story a nail-biting fast-moving book, incredibly difficult to stop reading even to making a cup of tea.

The main villain is perhaps the best villain that Lee Child and Jack Reacher have come across so far in these stories he is without doubt a really malicious man which Lee Child has given an excellent background story, and I believe that like me you just can’t wait for him to be exposed and for Jack Reacher to give him a slap or two!

Tripwire is a superbly written story by a master story-weaver and it is always awfully hard to divine just what happens next, I promise that this book will keep guessing from the very beginning.

I urge you to read this story from an awesome story-weaver and if you haven’t read any of Lee Child’s books yet now is the time to start.

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