Review: Prophecy: Clash of Kings by M K Hume

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Prophecy: Clash of Kings
Prophecy: Clash of Kings by M K Hume
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Prophecy, Clash of Kings by M. K. Hume

I have placed M. K. Hume on my favourite authors list; I find that her style of weaving a story is somewhat distinctive and brimming with detail and creativity. Her talent to place images of bloody battle scenes in your head and then to explain the subtle involvements in her characters interactions is simply inspirational, furthermore if you are searching for a story weaver who can give you images of bloody battles you won’t be let down.

An enthralling commencement to the legend of one of my favourite characters of ancient British myths and having read 2 books of the Arthurian trilogy, I am so pleased and excited that this trilogy returns back in time to the beginning of one of the most celebrated companionships in the chronicles of folklore.

Just what is this story all about?
The legend begins…The first book in a thrilling new trilogy from the author of the epic King Arthur series. In the kingdom of Dyfed, Vortigern, Celtic High King of Cymru and the North, rules in relative peace. Yet his choice of wife – a Saxon queen – fuels tension between the Saxon and Celtic tribes. In the town of Segontium, a boy is raised by his grandmother. The product of a brutal rape, he is spurned by his mother as a demon child. The boy is Myrddion – prince of the Deceangli and apprentice to a skilled healer. Far away, Vortigern oversees the resurrection of ancient Dinas Emrys. According to prophecy, the king will perish if the fort does not rise again. But the foundations refuse to hold and Vortigern needs the blood of a demon seed – a human sacrifice – to make the towers stand firm. Myrddion’s life is in danger. Yet the child has a prophecy of his own and a greater destiny to fulfil.

Battlefields, sorcerers, great kings, intrigue and the best characterisations of Merlin I have ever come across, M. K. Hume is just what this legend has been waiting for someone who can put flesh on the bare bones of the greatest British sorcerer in history.

This story-weaver can make you believe that such a man did live in Briton at this particular era in our history, in other words she has brought legend and myth to life.
I never thought that anybody could entice me away from the tales of Merlin from the likes of Bernard Cornwell on the contrary I was mistaken, M. K. Hume has done just that and, this first story about the life of Merlin is superb, the story moves at a fast pace along with a plot that is jam-packed with action and intrigue.
The story is relentless in keeping you trapped in the pages and giving you no respite from the exhilarating tale, Merlin and all the other characters come to life on the pages of this well woven tale of ancient Briton.

I urge you to read this book and the following 2 books of what I am sure will become the definitive work of the legend of Merlin.

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