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Crescent Dawn
Crescent Dawn by Clive Cussler
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Crescent Dawn by Clive Cussler with Dirk Cussler SATURDAY, 06 AUGUST 2011

I can’t remember when I started to read the novels by Clive Cussler probably sometime in the late 70’s early 80’s and more than likely when I was on my holidays.
I really enjoy a good adventure story and when combined with archaeology and the ancient world they are even better and when Clive Cussler brought us his popular hero Dirk Pitt I was hooked.

The latest in a long line of his stories that I have read is “Crescent Dawn” first I have to say that I am not fond of collaborations between authors, unless they have series stories from the start I sometimes think that joining together in a later book just does not work.

With “Crescent Dawn” it was the first of the Dirk Pitt stories I have read that was written with someone else as a consequence I believe that it didn’t work, I did read the book from start to finish, however I just couldn’t find the pace and excitement of other Dirk Pitt adventures.

What is the book about?
Dirk Pitt returns in the extraordinary new novel from the number one bestselling author. In A.D. 327, a Roman galley with an extraordinary cargo barely escapes a pirate attack. In 1916, a British warship mysteriously explodes in the middle of the North Sea. In the present day, a cluster of important mosques in Turkey and Egypt are wracked by explosions. What ties them all together? NUMA director Dirk Pitt and his team are about to find out, as Roman artefacts discovered in Turkey and Israel unnervingly connect to the rise of a fundamentalist movement determined to restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire. From Washington to London to the treacherous shores of the Near East, dangerous men and desperate acts fill their path, and at the end of it, the most dangerous thing of all: the rumoured existence of a mysterious ‘manifest’, lost long ago, which if discovered again …just might change the history of the world as we know it.

I can’t say I didn’t like the book, I did, it’s just that it wasn’t what I was used to the usual cast were as ever very good however I did find that Dirk, Jr. and his sister Summer came across as second class imitations of their father it maybe that in future stories they mature into more of their own personas.
I also found that some of the geographical research was flawed, I live in London overlooking the Thames and The MI6 Building, I regularly cross Lambeth Bridge to visit St. Thomas’ hospital passing by Lambeth Palace so when we are told that Buckingham Palace can be seen across the river from Lambeth Palace it does disappoint me The Houses of Parliament that can be seen, Buckingham Palace is not by the river!
So after seeing such mistakes as that I was and still am a little wary of the research done for this and future books.

I can only give this story 2 stars it was ok, I did like it as a boy’s own adventure but maybe I’m losing my boyishness?
I will find out when I read the next Clive Cussler Yarn which is on my list.

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