Review: Funeral Games by Christian Cameron

Funeral Games
Funeral Games by Christian Cameron
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Funeral Games, Book 3 of the Tyrant Series by Christian Cameron

If you read my book reviews, you will have realised by now that one of my favourite genres is historical fiction especially good yarns about ancient world, Rome, Greece and Briton in particular then when I found the books from Christian Cameron he did disappoint me, I was thrilled by his style of story weaving he is an outstanding weaver of tales about the ancient world.
He is one of the top writers in this specific genre and the ancient era, up there with Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwell, and Simon Scarrow.
My one gripe is that it is so hard to get hold of his books in the libraries I think they should be made much more available.

Anyway let’s get to the tale;
“Funeral Games”, Satyrus and Melitta, twin heirs to a rich kingdom on the Black Sea, become desperate fugitives when their mother, the Scythian warrior-princess Srayanka, is cut down in a savage act of betrayal. Accompanied by their tutor, the Spartan Philokles, they must make a perilous journey west, pursued by ruthless assassins, to find sanctuary with the army of their father’s closest friend, Diodorus. But Diodorus is caught up in the tangled web of alliances, betrayals and intrigue that followed Alexander the Great’s death, as his generals fought over the huge empire he had created – and soon the twins will have their first taste of real battle as two Macedonian warlords clash. In this violent and unstable world, they must chose sides carefully, as Antigonus One-Eye, and his brilliant son Demetrius, prepare to take on the might of Ptolemy’s Egypt, and the forces gather for the biggest and most spectacular battle the world had ever seen

This is the third in the series and they simply get more exciting, in this tale we learn more about the characters who are as I have come to expect from this story-weaver very colourful, the story moves along at such a pace that I felt I needed a seatbelt and a crash-helmet just to get to the end.
The research that has gone into this story is clearly seen and so is Christian’s passion for an era long gone but not forgotten,

This is a brilliant example of story-weaving it is full of action and at times poignant and beyond all doubt compelling, read the book, take pleasure in the journey, live through times gone by, It really bloody fantastic.

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