Review: The Enemy by Lee Child

The Enemy
The Enemy by Lee Child
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The Enemy by Lee Child

The books of Lee Child are more of the books my wife Maureen chose for me to read the first one being “Gone Tomorrow” and the second one was “Killing Floor” so once again a series I have started out-of-order but I do not think it really matters as Lee Child is a great story-teller and will always write a darn good yarn, but I have put my list in order and asked that if I can’t get out to the library Maureen gets these books in order if possible.

Anyway to the book “The Enemy” which I think is really a prequel to the whole series of the Jack Reacher stories, I just have to say I will get around to putting down on paper my thoughts about the first 2 books at sometime.
The tough and resourceful Jack Reacher is in North Carolina on New Year’s Day, 1990. Elsewhere, world-shaking events are underway, such as the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. But Jack’s job as a Military Police Duty Officer has him concerned with what initially seem to be less significant happenings: a soldier has been found dead in a sleazy motel and when Jack goes to the house of the soldier (a two-star general) to inform his wife, he finds her also dead. Needless to say, events in another part of the globe are having fatal repercussions in the US, and Reacher is soon up to his neck, with the body count rising.

Lee Child’s fast paced and exciting thriller turns back time and we encounter a younger Jack Reacher, in the army, as far as you can get from the rolling stone of the other stories. A Jack Reacher who enforces his own version of army discipline, as a glance into Jack’s early life we find out why Jack is such an unfathomable man, and we realise that Jack Reacher is a man of many parts.

Lee Child is a careful author who when telling us his stories sticks to a meticulous sequential method of story-weaving and these stories tend to move along at a awe-inspiring velocity.
This story-weaver creates twists and turns unlike any other and at times I was on the edge of my seat and trying to get to the next section so quickly that I had to go back a few pages to re-orient myself.

I heartily recommend this book and indeed fully recommend Lee Child as a fantastic author of the ultimate crime thriller!

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